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The downfall of it being 78 degrees. Windows open all night...STREET SWEEPER COMES BY AT 4 AM. Ahaaaa. Fail. Then I went all the way to campus only to find out class was cancelled ON THE MORNING AFTER DAYLIGHT SAVINGS. Brilliant. Truly, truly brilliant!

I just finished an essay (an essay arguing the validity of Ghost Adventures no less \O/) that's not due until Sunday night so I feel super proud of myself ;D. I needed to get it done early because we're leaving Friday for HOLLYWOOD AND DISNEYLAND! We had been planning to go to Disney for my birthday, which was at the beginning of last month, but Friday was kind of just open so we decided on going to Universal and Grauman's to steal John Wayne's footprints. If you can believe such things, this will be my first time going to Hollywood! Pretty. Darn. Excited.

How many of you have been to Universal Studios and what are our must-do's? I know there's a Lucille Ball exhibit OH MY GOD. What is my life.

Okay off to see my bb's big kids. I don't know if I've really talked about it much but I'm working with a girl I really hate (and I really do not like to hear or use that word...) but hopefully that will be resolved soon ♥
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