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Finntana fic master list.*

*all rated NC-17 unless otherwise noted

In Ten Years. Where do you see us in ten years, Hudson?

Post-practice. When Finn moved his arms to rest them against his own knees she could see that orange dirt was sufficiently caked under his fingernails.

Satellite. R a satellite, I'm in orbit all the way around you.

October. PG-13 She’s finding she can only concentrate on one thing at a time these days and more often than not, Finn’s it.

Last night. Don't start what you can't finish, Lopez.

Glass was tangled in her hair. Finn tried his best to ignore the warmth of her blood seeping through his shirt.

I Want to Take off her Clothes (I'm feeling this). Summer is beginning to dwindle and, while the nights aren’t nearly cold enough for a jacket yet, the air has a strange stillness about it that makes Santana shiver all the same.

I love you, too. Currently, Santana Lopez was in a position far too bizarre for even her to begin to understand.

Hidden Away. R Her arms were crossed tightly across her chest, guarded as she glared at the stupid cowboy wallpaper decorating Finn’s bedroom.
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